Footwear Wholesale

Footwear is not only necessary but continues to be the epicenter of high attention and demand. Wilmar manufactures it’s footwear as well as sells it through retail or wholesale. We offer a wide variety of women’s and men’s shoes in stock from our warehouses.

Why Wilmar?

We are as committed to our largest business partners as to our regular retail customers with full understanding that few of latter can afford wide assortment of styles and colors of shoes for each season. Thus,for our designers the importance of creating a versatile pair, that could be suitable for different occasions and outfits, is one of the highest priorities.
We pride ourselves on our business model concentrating on affordable footwear. We cater to a specific segment of the market and know how much our customers are willing to spend on their shoes. Affordability is extremely important to us and our customers, therefore, in spite of the inflation, sanctions and other economic obstacles, we strive towards making sure that our prices remain true to our mission of manufacturing and selling affordable, stylish, and comfortable footwear.
Market research and salability are essential concepts for our business model. While it’s very important how many pairs of shoes our wholesale clients order from us, it is equally if not of greater importance how our products sell and which models are the most or the least popular. Thus, our managers continuously monitor sales in order to collect the best data analysis of salability of our footwear. Such analysis does not only help our clients and us in determining future orders and maximize profits, but also in decreasing the amount of unsold inventory.
Maximum profitability for our clients is among our top priorities. Our wholesalers are given every chance to hit the highest possible profit margins while selling our products. Such cooperation helps them make more money and minimize losses during sale times.

To the transport company in Moscow. Quick checkout. Shipment minimum quantity - from 1 box.


Annually we produce 2 seasonal collections, more than 1,000 models each. Balanced shoe range.


Work since 1994. Own production in Russia and China. Certified products.

Сапожки соответствуют описанию. Кожа мягкая, материал подкладки натуральная цигейка по всему сапогу. Высота голенища 29 см., ширина 35 см. Каблук 6,5 см. Колодка удобная. Эти параметры 36 размера. Заказывала сразу три пары разных сапог, эти оставила т.к. подошли идеально.
Елена / Отзывы покупателей на Wildberries
Отличные кеды. Легкие. Полностью соответствуют фото. Кожа хорошая, без подкладки, летний вариант. Но большемерят! За это сняла звезды.
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Заказала себе эти босоножки WILMAR, влюбилась сразу! Легкие, удобные, для любительниц не обычной обуви очень рекомендую, не заметной не останетесь — это точно!
Светлана / Отзывы покупателей Wildberries

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